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A little writing a day…

One of the hardest parts in a graduate student’s life (and I am speaking for experience here) is writing in proper English. This is even truer and important for people like me who should be able to communicate to an audience their own research. To be fair, I have witnessed with my very eyes that the “writing problem” is not restricted only to international students. Many are the “natives” here in the US who struggles when it comes to translate into sentences the plethora of emoticons, noises, and acronyms that dominate today’s language.

Last Friday (October the 2nd) my fellow graduate students and I had the pleasure to meet and chitchat for a while with Dr. Joan Strassmann. It is always amazing and extremely beneficial when you get the opportunity to talk to someone like her. Among the various topics of conversation Dr. Strassmann mentioned that one of the key components for a successful career in the field of science and research is, of course, writing. Now that I am writing my dissertation (or should I say “struggling” with my dissertation?) I totally understand the real meaning of her words. That is why I will follow her advice and try to write a few lines every day. And when I say a few lines I do not mean tweets, or txt or any other of that stuff.

Hopefully combining a little daily writing (and some “non-scientific” reading) will help my dissertation and me.