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It could go worse, your external hard drive could fail you…

Yes, this is exactly how it sounds! A disaster!! Actually not entirely, but it still is pretty m***********g annoying. I have always been extra careful with my portable external hard drive. I have always made sure that I ejected it before the unplugging phase. I have always kept it dry and safe. I never dropped it, if not 3 moths ago, on my bed (meaning that it landed on a very confortable layer of clothes that were sitting there waiting to be folded). And still, yesterday night I go to connect it and do my routine daily back up, but that little f****r wouldn’t show up on my desktop. I tried CPR, mouth-to-mouth, disk utility, disk repair…nothing. It wouldn’t come back to life. And it is pretty new (bought it December 2014), and from that famous brand that start with “S” and ends in “amsung”. There were absolutely no signs indicating that this tragedy may have happened. And yet, in the very moment when your bank account is screaming because you just paid your university tuitions and the rent…in that part of your career as a graduate student when you need all the data that you have been accumulating in these years cause you are writing your dissertation…yes, when you really don’t need a shit like that, it will happen.

The only good thing is that I am not entirely new to this kind of situations. That is why I try to organize all my data in such a way that the vital stuff is always backed up on the cloud (god bless Dropbox). Yes, now I have to hope that in the next couple of days nothing happens to my computer, until a new, hopefully more reliable, hard-drive shows up.