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Star Wars: if the force awakens this way it is better it goes back to sleep.

The wait is finally over. The movie is out. Everyone is ready to witness history been made once again with an amazing new chapter of one of the greatest movie-saga of all times. And yet, after 2 hours of laser-beams and flying spacecraft I left the theater deeply discontent. The new movie “The Force Awakens” has literally nothing to offer. Concerned about my disappointment I started to look for reviews of the movie on-line. Needless to say, my feeling of disappointment grew even stronger. Almost everywhere (The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Rotten Tomatoes) there seem to be a blind positive propaganda for the film. Far from being a professional movie reviewer, I do have something to say about it, and I think I am entitled because I have always been a big fan of Star Wars.

Lets start with the story. Where is the plot? Actually let me rephrase it: where is the novelty in the plot? The Force Awakens doesn’t bring anything new to the table in terms of surprises or unexpected events. From the first few scenes it is possible to foresee what would happen next, because the story seem to be a repetition of the previous chapters. Even the very sceneries seem the same. Jakku, the planet where our heroine is, looks very much the same as Tatooine. The first order secret weapon is a larger version of the Death Star. Even the flight combats scenes between the X-Wings and the TIE-Fighters look much alike the old combats of episode VI. Even the overall fighting strategy is the same: again they have to come up with a trick to deactivate the shield that defends the Starkiller Base. Long story short, if you expect some incredible new wonder in the movie, forget about it.

The characters. Many new characters and some old stars in this movie. My overall opinion is rather negative. All have them are characterized by a sense of “humanity” that I do not recall in the previous episodes. Apparently this seems to be a point of strength and it has been highlighted and praised by many reviewers. Again, I disagree. When I enter in a theater to see Star Wars, I do not want to see “humanity”. I want to see fictional character, I want to see heroes, I want to see super-villains and I want to be entertained by a science fiction story. In this new chapter of the saga J. J. Abrams sacrifices all of that for a bunch of teenage actors struggling with rather ridiculous dialogues. I am not saying that the actors are necessarily bad. My point is that I find it disappointing that even the bad guy, Kylo Ren, is a total wimp and doesn’t seem to be able to prevail over an ex-stormtroopers or over a girl that one hour earlier didn’t even know that the Force was a real thing. This is even more true considering the fact that the latest Star Wars movies where characterized by pretty bad-asses evil guys like Darth Maul, Dooku, and the very Anakin.

What’s next? Despite my deep disappointment, the movie is a great success. In just two night since its release all over the world it already earned way more money than conceivable. I am such a fan that I want to give the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this first chapter was just the slow start of something amazing that is about to come in Episode VIII. If the next move happens to be a disappointment as well I will seriously consider not going to see the final chapter!